Taman Sari城市综合体 Comprehensive development office

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his development scheme is aimed to create an urban substrate that lifts up the ground landscape to a higher level, upon where it offers an undulating platform for the skyscrapers (Hotel, Service Apartment, and Office etc.). The overall undulating platform is raised up to 20+ m level, people walking on it could easily enjoy the views surrounding or over the river, platform partially depresses at where the skyscraper sits, the depressed area creates a multi-leveling space arrangement that allows the interaction from different levels, this kind of a€?void likea€ depressed area also embraces the podium part of the skyscraper, peoplea€?s behavior becomes a moving image for those who are using the skyscraper podium. Across the platform, landscape elements, i.e. green palettes, water feature, plants following the movement of the undulating form, navigating and connecting every skyscraper; they also stream peoplea€?s movement towards stores, restaurants and other entertainment facilities. Underneath the undulating landscape platform is a 5-floor podium of retail space + transportation center, as the platform always goes up and down, sometimes penetrating through the podium, landscape elements start to merge with retail experience. This floating landscape substrate create a soft, malleable interface between different programs that give a chance to let them be coherently merged together, it also defines this city block in the urban context, giving it a distinguished image.

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